John in the Swamp of Undead

This is one of my earlier fully digital works which I created when I needed to come up with a character concept for a computer game. 2017
Summer Happiness

Watercolor portrait work where I was experimenting with human emotions. The goal was to express one emotion as clearly as possible. 2016

Watercolor work depicting my interpretation of cartoon character Ariel, 2014.
By the sea

Watercolor, 2015.

Marker Pen, 2017. Cartoon character drawing.

Water color, 2013.

Design Project Outbound Transportation Employee Recognition Portal

This was a unique opportunity to make a difference using digital media in the place which desperately needed change. That team of people manages one of the most complex transportation networks in the world. Counting around 6,500 employees OB Transportation team did not have any way to recognize each other for the amazing work they were doing.
Through a personal referral I became aware of this project in October, 2017. I offered my help to Amazon team and spent the next couple months travelling to Seattle regularly to work closely with them on this project.

I was involved during all phases of this work - from ideation to execution. We needed to create a tool that would be both lightweight and powerful, one that people would want to "make their own" and use often.

I came up with a design concept which was approved by the Senior Management team and later on implemented by their technical support people into a full-scale web-based portal. I participated in that activity directly as well to ensure that the ideas I put into the original design are fully reflected in the final product.
December 12, 2017 was the day this system was launched. Held at Amazon's Gatsby facility, the reception welcomed 70 people from Transportaion, Human Resources and Finance teams who came to celebrate the launch of this employee engagement program.

This is how the project looks today. On April 3, 2018 Amazon decided to roll this system out to other arms of the organization possibly expanding the audience to 23,400 employees working in Seattle offices.

Organizational/Management Experience

Team leadership in Pre-MDM program. I came to the program being, perhaps, the furthest away in my class from digital media. All my creative experience was self-taught and my previous work/internship experience was mostly revolving around organization of events and psychology councelling that I did at the end of my undergraduate degree.

Upon the commencement of the program we quickly realized that group format of assignments calls for one leader who will act as the backbone to ensure team participation, coordinate joint work and facilitate project communication both within the team and outward.

That role ended up being mine, my previous expeience as well as my recent work with a large team of professionals at Amazon allowed me to help my teams to stay focused throughout the whole course and deliver every single project with at least A grade.
Kinostep was an initiative that was started at the Film School of Kaliningrad. While the school officials came up with the idea, they did not know where to begin implementing it so over several references, they came to me and offered to develop this course and conduct 10 lectures.

I accepted this work and came up with an idea to analyze 1 movie in each of those 10 lectures and in that analysis to explain the psychological reasons for the behavior of the movie characters. Through that I then bridged to the real life problems of the people who were attending these lectures and helped them to rationalize and socialize their issues thus improving their psychological condition.

Overall, this work was a success. The course I delivered attracted a sizeable audience of 53 people and, according to their reviews, improved the quality of their lives.